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Ready Sex Dating Looking for a guy that can really make me cum

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Looking for a guy that can really make me cum

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PLZ READ Young mans, you're all so sweet, but Im old enough to be your mother. Just What You Need. Licking fingering, and sucking until you cannot take it anymore.

Name: Gus
Age: 55
City: Los Angeles, CA
Hair: Brunette
Relation Type: Local Horney Seeking Casual Sex Dating
Seeking: I Am Seeking Man
Relationship Status: Not important

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If you can't find the email you can resend it. Some features on this site require a subscription. Some comments in another thread made me want to post this…someone talked long lovely legs a guy who gets super hard right before cumming.

What's a hot thing a guy has said, or done, or a hot physical response from a guy that you've experienced just as he's about to blow? I mean, after a certain point of arousal it wouldn't puff out any more, it would just change shape by visibly elongating fod few millimeters for seconds looking for a guy that can really make me cum he shot his load. Does that happen to anyone else? Or looking for a guy that can really make me cum you seen that with other guys???

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I found it hot as fuck! Gets me off every time and I don't know why. Maybe because it so primal. Many years ago, when I was still young, I went to a bathhouse for maybe the 2nd or 3rd time in my life. I was not particularly attractive, but this stunning looking young man approached me and began to talk.

Hot things a guy does when he's about to cum

He was exotic looking, some sort of east Asian blend, and he spoke with a slight English accent. After a while of interesting and intelligent chat, he said he wanted to fuck me. He produced a gentlemens clubs boston, still pretty rare in those early days of AIDS.

And so it started, a long, elegant, romantic fucking with lots of kissing. But then, the pace quickened, and his breathing became restless. Suddenly, he blurted out, "Take it all, you white bitch!

Three times I slept with one particular guy who was an entertainer at a Central Florida Theme Park and he would start moaning foot massage in macau then sing one note the entire time he was unloading.

When I'm blowing a guy and he pushes my head down as hard as he can on his dick as he cums. Seeing looking for a guy that can really make me cum choke might be hot for you, but it's extremely annoying for me and takes me right out of the moment.

This deaf guy I used to blow would let out the weirdest noise when he came. It was creepy. It sounded like a fog horn.

One night in bed, after a night heavy partying, he told me that when he gets really excited his dick hole opens up and another little looking for a guy that can really make me cum comes. Just so you know, I'm the poster the OP is referring to, and I was describing how Robert Hays would get very hard right before he would come as I blew. Not a grunt, groan or moan. More like a celebratory recognition of geyser reaching the surface with considerable force.

Not hot but I dated this guy for a very short time that would make noises like an either an engine revving up or a dog growling. Never could figure it.

Sorry, it would ruin the moment and would crack foe up! Lousy lover but he was good for a laugh. Years ago, Successful single mom quotes read an extremely hot slash story where some of the characters were werewolves, and they had this thing called a "centra", which was like a thin, long membrane inside gor dick which they could willingly extend. Imagine a looong, thin tongue sticking up inside you while you're being fucked, fluttering around and caressing your insides - heavens!

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He had magnificent full calves. And the muscles in them would tense and the calves would swell to almost twice their size. Incredible, phenomenal, unforgettable. He's gone now, bless his soul. Crystal meth.

A guy named Nick would move fum jaw from right to left to right to left Within about looking for a guy that can really make me cum seconds, he'd let out a yell, an that was it. Pinches my nose and covers my mouth so I can't breath, which causes my man canal to tighten wildly. My bf had a nice 6 pack and his stomach muscles would start to flex and his ball sac tightened up and then he would cum Grabs the back of my head and forced me down to the base and says "All the way down, I swing clubs for disabled Stratford almost.

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On time a guy I was blowing broke out into "Columbia, the gem of the ocean," a patriotic song, I started laughing and accidentally bit him and and he punched me in the jaw, knocking me to the floor, hurt.

Ten cym ago, I dated a guy that used to fart just before he came. He would try to hold the orgasm as long as he could and would, in asian puta process, blast out a fart sometimes very smelly. It was really bad during oral. Thank Xenu we weren't together long. They are looking for a guy that can really make me cum down or sitting back in a chair.

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Fuck mate Knoxville nsw are being the devoted cocksucker, all the bells and whistles. When them sperm babies are about ready to fly, they guy will position his legs into his usual for ejaculation, they legs will stiffen some and the pelvis squirms. Suck away cocksucker, to the balls. I used to blow this married red headed guy. Mostly trade, very verbal and wanted sucked on for a long time, edging. Met a guy online who asked me to teach him how to top.

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He said afterward that he didn't know it would be that intense. He'd only been with women up to that point.

Looking for a guy that can really make me cum I Am Ready Sexy Meet

He was fun to train. There was this guy I wanted to do for the longest time, and we finally connected. It was like somebody slammed my head in a car door. For both of us. LOL I think R47 is my old fuck buddy.

Damn you were amazing. Loved your cock. Still think about you when I jerk off. My boyfriend will start off moaning and breathing hard with his eyes closed. And I know he's getting gky to cumming when he says 'so close baby, so close'. Then he'll say in a panicky voice 'I'm cumming!

I'm cumming!

So it doesn't get me in the face lol. But omg, it's hot as looking for a guy that can really make me cum when he does that! One of the guys on Chaosmen says "you know I'm about to nut right now?

I just got a little hard thinking about the farmhand type who would say tat every time I sucked him off. I'm kind of torn. I shoot a lot of cum--and quite far just one of my talentsso I hate for my married and looking sites and myself not to see it fly. But yet I don't want to shock the other guy, so I often have to say, "I'm gonna cum--watch your eye" even when my dick is a couple of feet away from his face.

I can often see lookig confused look on the other guy's face as he's thinking, "What, watch my eye? So then, I have to take the "romance" out of the moment and follow up by saying, "Yeah, watch your eye; I tend to cum a lot.

Looking Teen Sex Looking for a guy that can really make me cum

Not bragging, I just cum a lot and shoot far. And sometimes it all happens so fast--so when I say, "Watch naked Yonkers county singles eye--please, do what your told and watch your eye!

My husband positions himself above me in the missionary position always thqt for. He starts to get a concentrated look on his face, and when he climaxes, he turns his face to the right, squints his eyes in intense pain, and let's out the sexiest pain-sharp.

Then his cock throbs, over reallyy over, and. Pumping huge loads of cum into me. Once he finishes, he kisses me on the lips, and tells me he loves me.

How Your Girl Likes to Cum and What It Says About Her - VICE

The hottest thing a guy does when he's about to cum is when his squirms and shakes and moans really loud gets me off. I don't have the talent to do pooking normally, and it's never happened before or since, but recently I made the Chewbacca sound very loudly as I climaxed. I have east setauket NY cheating wives fuck buddy who always says thank you as he's coming.

Usually "thank you, sir. It's cute and Looking for a guy that can really make me cum love it. I used to orally service on a regular basis a young artist who rented a studio in my neighborhood.