Dee Warford-Kutch Volunteer Administrator’s Award Winner Announced

Congratulations to all three of the amazing nominees for the Dee Warford-Kutch Volunteer Administrator’s Award:

Chrissy Green Califf

Cheli Mohamed of San Diego Pride, Beverly Codallos of Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, and Chrissy Green Califf of Words Alive. Special recognition goes to Chrissy as this year’s award winner.

This is just one excerpt from the nomination her co-worker submitted: One of the most common comments we hear from volunteers is how great it is to volunteer with our organization. This has so much to do with Chrissy’s affection for the people who make our work possible and her rock-solid professionalism. She is the first person volunteers interact with when contacting our organization, and who volunteers and staff alike turn to when a sensitive situation needs to be handled with care and grace. She has impeccable follow-up when it comes to planning and executing tasks, yet you know there will always be a warm-hearted human being on the other end of the phone. Most admirably, she operates with a kind of sincerity that most of us attempt, but do not often attain. I have never known another person who more genuinely welcomes others to contribute to a creative process, or someone who is quicker to lend a hand when your plate is full. She is the epitome of a teammate, and our organization and the community we serve have benefited immensely from her efforts.

Notes of thanks: to VITAS Innovative Hospice Care for sponsoring the award, to the Volunteer Administrators Network – Networking Committee for planning the recognition event on Nov. 2 (especially Sandy Lawrensen, Committee Chair), and to all of the Leadership Council members who donated food for the event.


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